Nicola Todd Therapy 

Anxiety Specialist

Manage your stress, learn to relax and sleep well. 

I have been a therapist for over 25 years and have a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy. I combine CBT, EMDR and clinical hypnosis to enable you to overcome anxiety.

Online or in-person.

Psychotherapy Kingston can be found at my clinic in Central Kingston, Greater London.

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TRAUMATIC STRESS (PTSD): "Since our last session and the unbelievable thing you did with the EMDR I cannot believe how different I feel, it's truly amazing, for a few days after I questioned HOW it can work, in terms of the power of the mind etc, but then just started to relax about it and see I had achieved what I wanted to achieve which was to feel like ME again, relaxed, peaceful, happy yet strong enough to deal with life and its tests!! I feel like me again…THANK YOU."

Rachael Beeton, New Zealand Earthquake