Clinical research has shown CBT to be an effective treatment for depression.

CBT looks at a person's mood in relation to thought patterns. Negative, unhelpful thinking affects a person's mood, sense of self, behaviour, and even physical state. The goal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to learn to recognize negative patterns of thought, challenge them and replace them with healthier new ways of thinking.

CBT also looks at changing patterns of behaviour that result from unhelpful thinking. Negative thoughts and behaviour make an individual more prone to depression and when patterns of thought and behaviour are changed, the mood starts to lift.

QUIT DRINKING: "I decided to quit drinking for 'sober October'. So went to see Nicola. We had an in depth consultation and not only did I get through October without drinking. I now find I don't want to drink at all. I have been so pleased with the result and my life is getting better and better without Alcohol in it. I have recommended quite a few people now for different things. Thank you Nicola. " Clare