Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem tends to occurs when a person makes a demand on himself or herself, others or the world that is not met and then puts themselves down in some way.

The following are examples of themes that are commonly involved in low self-esteem. People can react to them as if they are true, whether they are or not.

Failing to achieve an important target or goal
Acting incompetently (in public or private)
Falling short of one’s ideal
Failing to live up to one’s standards
Breaking one’s ethical code
Being criticised
Being ridiculed
Not being accepted, approved, appreciated or loved by significant others

At Psychotherapy Kingston, I use CBT techniques to help the person form healthier beliefs about themselves, others and the world leading to self-acceptance and a healthier way of behaving and feeling.

QUIT DRINKING: "I decided to quit drinking for 'sober October'. So went to see Nicola. We had an in depth consultation and not only did I get through October without drinking. I now find I don't want to drink at all. I have been so pleased with the result and my life is getting better and better without Alcohol in it. I have recommended quite a few people now for different things. Thank you Nicola. " Clare